Saturday, December 4, 2010

EvDoc Study Series: Intro and Hub

Apparently I have a short attention span, because I'm ready to inaugurate yet a third major series of posts here. In one series, as you know, we're working our way - slowly but surely - through the Journal of Discourses, which is a large collection of early LDS discourses. But this blog isn't focusing exclusively on LDS issues; it's also meant to explore Evangelical issues. And hopefully not just Evangelical readers but also Latter-day Saint readers will be able to gain a better perspective on what Evangelicals are saying within their own camps. So this new series is going to be exploring major documents promulgated fairly recently within (or in connection with) Evangelicalism - and, perhaps eventually, some older documents that are still held to be important by many Evangelicals. We'll be starting out with the Lausanne Covenant. Because of the length of the documents, I'll be looking at them piece-by-piece, mostly just posting each section and opening it up for comments. As a bonus, these numerous short posts will hopefully provide some relief from the extra-long posts that have so far been dominating the blog.

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