Sunday, November 28, 2010

JOD Series: Introduction and Hub

I'd like to announce the start of my second major series of posts here at Study and Faith; this post will serve as a hub. Beginning in December 2010, I will be working my way through the Journal of Discourses, a 26-volume set of early LDS sermons and addresses (which is also available here and here), and post questions and relatively brief reflections. And I'd prefer not to do it alone. That's why I'd like to invite anyone who wishes - be you LDS, Evangelical, or otherwise - to join in and read through the Journal of Discourses with me. Once I make a post on a given discourse, feel free to chime in!

[N.B. - The links to my posts are on the initial number references, while links to each volume of the Journal of Discourses are available on those headings, and links to individual sermons/addresses are on the titles given. More links will be provided as time goes on.]

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