Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Attempted Armed Assault on People at LDS Temple

This story makes me truly sad. I think it's rather clear that Pogue was not at all in his right mind. The story can be read here:

The man shot and killed by police outside the LDS Church's Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple was heavily armed and running toward a group of people with a loaded shotgun when he was shot, according to police.

Police released the man's name on Monday. They said Daniel M. Pogue, 54, had already unloaded two shotguns, one rifle and multiple swords out of his vehicle and thrown them through the gate onto temple property Saturday when he was confronted by police....

Pogue, who had been pointing a third shotgun at the temple and bystanders, ignored repeated commands to drop his weapon and ran toward a group of bystanders with a shotgun still in his hand, according to police.

Eyewitnesses of the event said that Pogue had been ranting about birds, and police noted a history of mental illness in Pogue's family. His neighbors, however, said that he was ordinarily a very nice and generous man.

Unfortunate as it is that Pogue himself died, the police clearly made a wise move, and I'm just glad that no one else was hurt.

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