Free LDS-Related Reading List

Over the past several months, I have assembled a roughly chronological reading list of historical pro-LDS and anti-LDS literature (with a few other pertinent things thrown in - or things I suspect might be pertinent), spanning from 1728 through 1922. All of this is available freely online, mostly but not entirely in PDF format.  I will continue to update and modify this list and the attendant descriptions as time goes on; I had begun writing blurbs for each, but ceased partway through as a result of lack of adequate information and boredom. I intend to work my way through the list in order at a steady pace. Anyone else who wishes to join in is quite welcome to do so.
  1. The Travels of Cyrus - Andrew Michael Ramsay (1728)
  2. Philosophical Principles of Natural and Revealed Religion (2 vols.) - Andrew Michael Ramsay (1748)
    • The above link is for the first volume; the second volume is available here.
  3. The Freemason's Monitor - Thomas Smith Webb (1808)
  4. A Dissertation on the Prophecies Relative to the Antichrist and the Last Times - Ethan Smith (1811)
    • This book was written by the man who served as Oliver Cowdery's pastor in Vermont and who later went on to publish the very important View of the Hebrews.

  5. A Narrative of the Life of Solomon Mack - Solomon Mack (1811)
  6. Key to the Figurative Language Found in the Sacred Scriptures - Ethan Smith (1814)

  7. View of the Hebrews - Ethan Smith (1823)
    • This book argued that the Native Americans were descended from Israelites who had migrated to the New World. Since it was published seven years before the Book of Mormon was published, naturally there's been a lot of speculation that this book may have influenced the content of the Book of Mormon.

  8. Antiquities of Freemasonry - George Oliver (1823)
  9. View of the Trinity: A Treatise on the Character of Jesus Christ, and on the Trinity in Unity of the Godhead - Ethan Smith (1824)

  10. Light on Masonry - David Bernard (1829)
  11. The Book of Mormon: An Account Written by the Hand of Mormon, Upon Plates Taken from the Plates of Nephi - Joseph Smith (1830)
    • What could possibly be more relevant than the Book of Mormon? I've read the text several years ago, but this will be a chance to revisit it as it originally appeared in 1830, without any verse markers to distract from the flow of the narrative itself.

  12. Delusions: An Analysis of the Book of Mormon - Alexander Campbell (1832)
    • This was the first substantive critique of the Book of Mormon. Naturally, it's critical, but it does attempt to engage the actual content of the text, which was a new step in its time. Plus, Alexander Campbell was an influential American religious leader of a Restorationist movement, and founder of what are now the Disciples of Christ. This critique originally appeared in his Millennial Harbinger, I believe, but was republished in 1832 by Joshua Himes.

  13. The Evening and the Morning Star (1832-1834 - periodical)
    • This is the earliest LDS periodical. It was first published in Independence, MO, from June 1832 to July 1832, and then - when the press was destroyed and the Saints were expelled from Missouri - got started back up in Kirtland, where it was edited by Oliver Cowdery until it finished its run in September 1834.

  14. A Book of Commandments, for the Government of the Church of Christ (1833)
    • This book was the earliest collected volume of Joseph Smith's prophetic revelations, the precursor to the Doctrine and Covenants. The title presented it as almost a sort of book of church discipline.

  15. Key to the Revelation in Thirty-Six Lectures, Taking the Whole Book in Course - Ethan Smith (1833)

  16. Mormonism Unvailed - Eber Dudley Howe (1834)
    • This was the grand-daddy of 'anti-Mormon' books in its day. Howe was a newspaper editor in Painesville, near Kirtland, and after his wife and sister were converted to the Church, he was understandably concerned - moreso after he wrote to a friend in New York for more information, and that friend (William W. Phelps) converted several months later! Howe's book includes a much more extensive critique of the Book of Mormon than Campbell did, and Howe also includes critical comments on several of Joseph Smith's revelations as well as Latter-day Saint practice. In addition, Howe republished a series of letters from LDS apostate Ezra Booth, as well as a series of affidavits collected by D. P. Hurlbut from people who had known the Smith family in Palmyra. In addition, this book proposed the view that the Book of Mormon was mostly taken from a lost novel manuscript written by Solomon Spaulding - a view that remained dominant among critics for decades to come.

  17. Latter Day Saints' Messenger and Advocate (1834-1837 - periodical)
    • This LDS periodical was the successor to The Evening and the Morning Star. It was printed on a monthly basis in Kirtland from October 1834 to September 1837. (The link above is to the first volume; there are also a second and third volume.)

  18. A Short Account of a Shameful Outrage - Parley Pratt (1835)
    • This is a brief and early tract by Parley Pratt in which he details a rather poor reception that Pratt's bold and in-your-face style of preaching received in Mentor, Ohio.

  19. Doctrine and Covenants of the Church of the Latter Day Saints (1835)
    • Succeeding the Book of Commandments, this volume expanded into two major sections. The first (the section with 'doctrine') consisted of the Lectures on Faith, a set of seven lectures laying out some LDS teachings. (This has since been removed and thus decanonized by the LDS Church.) The second section, the "Covenants and Commandments of the Lord", consists of numerous revelations, many of which were included in the Book of Commandments and remain in more recent editions of the Doctrine and Covenants.

  20. A Collection of Sacred Hymns, for the Church of the Latter Day Saints – selected by Emma Smith (1835)

  21. A Voice of Warning and Instruction to All People - Parley Pratt (1837)
    • This was Parley Pratt's first book-length work, in which he argues vigorously for LDS teachings about the nature of prophecy, about the Book of Mormon, about the coming kingdom of God, about the restoration of Israel, and about modern revelation. It also contains a series of harsh attacks, done through sarcasm and caricature, of Christian teaching and practice in that time.

  22. Campbellism Exposed; or Strictures on the Peculiar Tenets of Alexander Campbell – William Phillips (1837)

  23. Discourse on the Evidences of the American Indians Being the Descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel – M. M. Noah (1837)

  24. Elders' Journal of the Church of Latter Day Saints (1837-1838 - periodical)
    • This third LDS periodical succeeded the Messenger and Advocate. The Elders' Journal only ran for four issues, two in late 1837 and printed in Kirtland, and then two in mid-1838 and printed in Far West, Missouri. The reason was because the earlier press fell into the hands of an LDS splinter group.

  25. Mormonism Exposed, Internally and Externally - Origen Bacheler (1838)
    • This is a fairly brief 'anti-Mormon' tract. The contents are drawn from a debate that the author had against Parley Pratt. Influenced by Howe, Bacheler espoused the Spaulding theory.

  26. Mormonism Exposed and Refuted - La Roy Sunderland (1838)
    • This is yet another short 'anti-Mormon' tract from 1838. Sunderland, editor of a periodical called Zion's Watchman, was in part responding to Parley Pratt's Voice of Warning.

  27. Mormonism Unveiled: Zion's Watchman Unmasked - Parley Pratt (1838)
    • It didn't take Parley Pratt long to fire off a response to Sunderland, that's for sure!

  28. An Exposure of Mormonism - Richard Livesey (1838)
    • Richard Livesey, a Methodist Episcopal minister from Massachusetts, also wrote a tract against the Latter-day Saints and purporting to give the 'facts' about the origin of the Book of Mormon.

  29. An Antidote to Mormonism - James M'Chesney (1838)

  30. Tea and Coffee - William Andrus Alcott (1839)
    • Joseph Smith, with the 'Word of Wisdom', was not the only one in his day counseling against the use of "hot drinks" like tea and coffee. In addition to the famous revivalist Charles G. Finney (who also had an anti-tea, anti-coffee message), so did W. A. Alcott. This is one of his works explaining why, in his opinion, tea and coffee are unhealthy and should be avoided.

  31. A Lecture on Mormonism - H. Stevenson (1839)
    • This brief pamphlet gave the substance of a lecture that Stevenson had given at a Wesleyan Methodist chapel. Stevenson summarized the story of the Book of Mormon and denounced it as "a complete fiction", citing - among other things - the alleged disharmony between what the Book of Mormon says and what was known about the history of the New World.

  32. Facts Relative to the Expulsion of the Mormons - John P. Greene (1839)
    • This brief pamphlet by an LDS author, an "authorised representative of the Mormons", was intended to make known the LDS side of the story of their expulsion from Missouri.

  33. A Brief History of the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints - John Corrill (1839)
    • John Corrill, famously, was a bishop in Zion who represented the Latter Day Saints in some of their dealings with the people of Missouri. He became an official Church Historian in 1838. Several months later, he had the unenviable task as a negotiator of turning Joseph Smith over to the state militia. He was excommunicated in 1839, after which he published his history of the LDS Church along with his explanation of why he was no longer a member. Corrill was, at the time, a member of the Missouri House of Representatives.

  34. Times and Seasons (1839-1846 - periodical)
    • This LDS periodical succeeded the Elders' Journal and was published in Nauvoo on a monthly or bimonthly basis from November 1839 through 1846. Covering the whole of the Nauvoo period, it was the original venue for publication of many important LDS documents, including the Book of Abraham. The link above is to the first volume; there are also second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth volumes.

  35. History of the Late Persecution Inflicted by the State of Missouri Upon the Mormons - Parley Pratt (1840)

  36. An Interesting Account of Several Remarkable Visions - Orson Pratt (1840)
    • This early pamphlet by Parley Pratt's brother Orson is a very interesting and influential one. In it, Pratt talks about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and the visions that Joseph Smith had.

  37. The Origin of the Spaulding Story - Benjamin Winchester (1840)
    • Benjamin Winchester was another LDS leader in the early days. Having been part of Zion's Camp, he was an original member of the Quorum of the Seventy, for instance, and served as a branch president in Philadelphia. In this pamphlet, he argued against the Spaulding theory of the Book of Mormon and made attacks in the course of an autobiographical study of D. P. Hurlbut, whose name he didn't quite get right.

  38. The Millennium, and Other Poems - Parley Pratt (1840 - poetry)
    • This, the first volume of LDS poetry, contains a great number of poems by Parley Pratt and also a brief treatise of his on the eternality of matter.

  39. The Latter-Day Saints and the Book of Mormon: A Few Words of Warning from a Minister to His Flock - W. J. Morrish (1840)

  40. The Latter-Day Saints and the Book of Mormon: A Second Warning from a Minister to His Flock - W. J. Morrish (1840)
    • This 15 October 1840 sequel to the previous letter is provoked by the fact that some of Morrish's parishioners still continued to join the Latter Day Saints. Morrish ridicules the nature of LDS meetings and then quotes a number of sections from the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants, seeking to contrast them with the contents of the Bible.

  41. Plain Facts, Showing the Falsehood and Folly of the Rev. C. S. Bush - Parley Pratt (1840)
    • Yet another of Parley Pratt's tracts written against a critical pamphlet, one that is unfortunately much more difficult to find.

  42. An Answer to Some False Statements and Misrepresentations - John Taylor (1840)
    • John Taylor wrote this pamphlet against a published address by a Methodist minister named Robert Heys, who had criticized the Latter Day Saints.

  43. Calumny Refuted and the Truth Defended - John Taylor (1840)
    • After Robert Heys made yet another such address, John Taylor fired back a second time.

  44. Truth Defended and Methodism Weighed in the Balance and Found Wanting - John Taylor (1840)
    • After Robert Heys made a third address, John Taylor made a third reply that not only rebutted Heys' claims but also blasted Methodism in general.

  45. Mormonism Weighed in the Balances of the Sanctuary, and Found Wanting - Samuel Haining (1840)

  46. An Answer to Mr. William Hewitt's Tract Against the Latter-Day Saints - Parley Pratt (1840)

  47. A Reply to Mr. Thomas Taylor's "Complete Failure," &.c., and Mr. Richard Livesey's "Mormonism Exposed" - Parley Pratt (1840)
    • In this tract, Parley Pratt responds to two separate critiques of the Latter Day Saints, one of which is Livesey's 1838 pamphlet.

  48. Mormon Fanaticism Exposed - Tyler Parsons (1841)
    • Tyler Parsons had a debate in July 1841 in the Free Discussion Society in Boston against an LDS elder named Freeman Nickerson, who died in 1847 en route to Utah and at whose house in 1833 Joseph Smith received the revelation known now as D&C 100. This work includes both a critical examination of the Book of Mormon as well as a recounting of the debate against Elder Nickerson.

  49. Evidences in Proof of the Book of Mormon - Charles Thompson (1841)
    • This full length book by Charles Thompson, an LDS "minister of the gospel", attempts at great length to offer reasons to believe in the Book of Mormon. (Thompson later sided with Strang in the succession crisis after Joseph Smith's death, and eventually broke from Strang to create the 'Baneemyite' LDS splinter group.

  50. The Mormons, or, Knavery Exposed - E. G. Lee (1841)
    • This 'anti-Mormon' tract focused somewhat on the ideas of the golden plates, but even moreso on the Kirtland Safety Society.

  51. The Only Way to Be Saved - Lorenzo Snow (1841)
    • This was a missionary tract by Lorenzo Snow that billed itself as "an explanation of the first principles of the doctrine of the Church". It has as its main points: faith, repentance, baptism for the remission of sins, and the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost.

  52. The Word of the Lord to the Citizens of London - Heber C. Kimball and Wilford Woodruff (1841)
    • Just like Lorenzo Snow's tract, this one talks about the New Testament's "plan of Salvation", described in much the same way. It also warns of the possibility of God's judgment coming upon London unless the people repent.

  53. The Gospel Reflector - ed. Benjamin Winchester (1841 - periodical)
    • This was a short-lived periodical published bi-monthly for six months (January-June 1841) by Benjamin Winchester during his service as a branch president in Philadelphia, PA. The full title of the periodical states that the goal is to set forth LDS doctrine and to show the scriptural evidence for it.

  54. The World Turned Upside Down, or Heaven on Earth - Parley Pratt (1842)
    • In yet another tract by Parley Pratt, he lists his main points as being that "the material universe is eternal", that "immortal man has flesh and bones", and that "earth is his everlasting inheritance".

  55. Nauvoo City Charter (1842)

  56. Extract from a Manuscript Called The Peacemaker, or, The Doctrines of the Millennium - Udney Hay Jacob (1842)
  57. Mormonism in All Ages - J. B. Turner (1842)
    • This critical book was written by Jonathan Baldwin Turner, a professor at Illinois College, who wanted to give a biographical sketch of Joseph Smith along with a history and analysis of the LDS Church. Turner compares 'Mormonism' with "similar fanaticisms", examines the possible grounds for believing something to be a divine revelation, investigates and evaluates the reliability of the Book of Mormon, and looks at the doctrines and organization of the LDS Church.

  58. A Treatise on the Fulness of the Everlasting Gospel - Moses Martin (1842)
    • Moses Martin, an LDS "minister of the gospel", wrote this booklet to set forth the "principles, promises, and blessings" of the gospel as understood by Latter Day Saints. Martin later went on a mission to England in 1846, where he printed a second edition of this tract.

  59. The City of the Mormons, or, Three Days at Nauvoo in 1842 - Henry Caswall (1842)
    • Henry Caswall was an Anglican minister and a "professor of divinity" at Kemper College in Missouri, where he taught sacred literature and Hebrew. In 1842, he had a famous visit to Nauvoo for several days, during which - he details in this book - he claimed to have proven Joseph Smith to be a false prophet and an irreligious fraud. The story he relates here was very influential among English critics of the Latter Day Saints later on.

  60. A View from Jerusalem - Orson Hyde (1842)
    • This famous brief work describes LDS apostle Orson Hyde's travels through Europe and eventually to Jerusalem, where he preached and dedicated the land to the ingathering of the Jewish people.

  61. The History of the Saints; or, An Expose of Joe Smith and Mormonism - John Cook Bennett (1842)
    • With the exception of Howe, this may have been the most influential 'anti-Mormon' book published during Joseph Smith's life. John Cook Bennett, a curious figure, joined the Latter Day Saints, helped to pass the Nauvoo city charter in the Illinois legislature, and then occupied numerous influential posts such as mayor of Nauvoo, general of the Nauvoo Legion, and chancellor of the University of Nauvoo. However, he used Joseph Smith's then-still-secret teaching about plural wives to justify his promiscuous behavior. After being excommunicated from the Church, he wrote a book seeking to expose Joseph Smith as a fraud.

  62. Dialogue Between a Latter-Day Saint and an Enquirer after Truth - Parley Pratt (1842)
    • This is an extremely brief tract of four pages, consisting mainly of a reprinted article from the January 1842 issue of the Millennial Star, with the addition of a letter from Thomas Smith. The article is structured as a dialogue between a Latter-day Saint and an outside 'enquirer after truth', at the end of which the latter is urged to repent and join the Church.

  63. Mormonism and the Mormons - Daniel P. Kidder (1842)
    • Daniel Parish Kidder was a Methodist Episcopal theologian who served as a missionary in Brazil for three years and later went on to teach homiletics at Garrett Biblical Institute and later Drew Theological Seminary. This work is a book-length examination of 'Mormonism' in many aspects, written using a variety of 'pro-Mormon' and 'anti-Mormon' sources, including Howe and Corrill.

  64. An Examination of the Principles of Mormonism - Amos H. Wickersham (1843)
    • This brief pamphlet is based on a discussion that Amos Wickersham had with two LDS elders.

  65. Mormonism Consistent! Truth Vindicated, and Falsehood Exposed and Refuted - William Ivers Appleby (1843)
    • This is a rather hostile response to Wickersham's pamphlet by one of the elders he'd spoken to, W. I. Appleby.

  66. A Pastoral Letter of Bishop Chase - Philander Chase (1843)
    • This letter, written by Episcopal bishop and seminary founded Philander Chase, warns those under his care against involvement with the Latter Day Saints. Philander's nephew, Salmon Portland Chase, went on to become the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

  67. History of the Priesthood from the Beginning of the World to the Present Time - Benjamin Winchester (1843)
    • Benjamin Winchester, mentioned before in connection with his tract against the Spaulding theory, also wrote a short book defending LDS teachings by offering a history of priesthood from the beginning of creation down to his own time.

  68. The Prophet of the Nineteenth Century - Henry Caswall (1843)
      In addition to his 1842 book, Henry Caswall also wrote a book devoted specifically to giving readers a rather negative picture of Joseph Smith.

  69. The Christian System, in Reference to the Union of Christians, and a Restoration of Primitive Christianity, as Pleaded in the Current Reformation - Alexander Campbell (1843)
    • This work offers a clearer insight into the systematic theology of a Restorationist opponent of the early Latter Day Saint movement.

  70. Very Important! To the Mormon Money Diggers – James Colin Brewster (1843)

  71. A Lecture on the Authenticity & Scriptural Character of the Book of Mormon - G. J. Adams (1844)

  72. An Appeal to the Inhabitants of the State of New York - Parley Pratt (1844)

  73. Light and Truth; Collected from the Bible and Ancient and Modern History, Containing the Universal History of the Colored and the Indian Race, from the Creation of the World to the Present Time - Robert Benjamin Lewis (1844)
    • This was the first history of "colored" people written by an African American. It's of interest for Mormon studies mainly because of Lewis' support for the view that Native Americans are of Israelite descent.

  74. Nauvoo Expositor - ed. William Law (1844)
    • This very short-lived publication proved the catalyst for Joseph Smith's death. The Nauvoo Expositor was the official publication of a rival LDS splinter group. In the first (and only) issue, it included some criticisms of Joseph Smith; in response, Joseph Smith and the city council ordered the destruction of the copies and the printing press - an act for which Joseph Smith was imprisoned in Carthage Jail, providing the occasion for his lynching.

  75. A Dissertation on Nebuchadnezzar's Dream - W. I. Appleby (1844)

  76. Defence of Elder William Smith, Against the Slanders of Abraham Burtis, and Others – William Smith (1844)

  77. An Original History of the Religious Denominations at Present Existing in the United States – I. Daniel Rupp (1844)

  78. To the Public. Slander Refuted! An Extract from Church Proceedings; and Expulsion of Mormon Apostates, from the Church! – William Smith (1844)

  79. A Narrative of the Adventures and Experience of Joseph H. Jackson in Nauvoo - Joseph H. Jackson (1844)

  80. An Authentic Account of the Massacre of Joseph Smith, the Mormon Prophet, and Hyrum Smith, His Brother, Together with a Brief History of the Rise and Progress of Mormonism, and All the Circumstances Which Led to Their Death – George T. M. Davis (1844)

  81. The Voice of Truth - Joseph Smith and ed. William W. Phelps (1844)
    • This mostly contains a number of Joseph Smith's late works (several of which were ghostwritten by Phelps), such as his Appeal to the Green Mountain Boys and his Views of the Power and Policy of the Government of the U.S.; it also includes the early amalgamation of the King Follett Discourse.

  82. History of All Christian Sects and Denominations - John Evans (1844)

  83. Mormonism: Embracing the Origin, Rise, and Progress of the Sect - James H. Hunt (1844)

  84. The History of Illinois, from Its First Discovery and Settlement, to the Present Time - Henry Brown (1844)

  85. The Mormons in Illinois – G. W. Westbrook (1844)

  86. Message of the Governor of the State of Illinois, in Relation to the Disturbances in Hancock County, December, 21, 1844 – Thomas Ford (1844)

  87. Prophetic Almanac, for 1845, Being the First After Bissextile or Leap Year - Orson Pratt (1845)

  88. A Journey Up the Mississippi River, From Its Mouth to Nauvoo, the City of the Latter Day Saints – William Aitken (1845)

  89. Priestcraft Exposed: False Religion Unmasked, Derided, and Slain - Quartus Strong Sparks (1845)

  90. Speech of Elder Orson Hyde, Delivered Before the High Priests' Quorum, in Nauvoo, April 27th, 1845, Upon the Course and Conduct of Mr. Sydney Rigdon, and Upon the Merits of His Claims to the Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – Orson Hyde (1845)

  91. The Prophetic Almanac, for 1846. Being the Second After Bissextile or Leap Year - Orson Pratt (1846)

  92. A Defence of the Claims of James J. Strang to the Authority Now Usurped by the Twelve (1846)

  93. The Fireside Visitor; or, Plain Reasoner - David Candland (1846)
    • This consists of three addresses by David Candland, who wrote in this case under the name 'David C. Kimball'. The topics are baptism, the apostasy, and the restoration, respectively.

  94. James J. Strang, Weighed in the Balance of Truth, and Found Wanting – Reuben Miller (1846)

  95. A Brief History of the Leading Causes of the Hancock Mob - Josiah Conyers (1846)

  96. James J. Strang, Weighed in the Balance of Truth, and Found Wanting - Reuben Miller (1846)

  97. Positively True: A Dialogue Between Adam and Eve, the Lord and the Devil, Called the Endowment - Increase Van Dusen (1847)
    • This pamphlet was one of the earliest exposes of the endowment by an LDS apostate.

  98. Truth Shall Prevail: A Short Reply to an Article Published in the Voree Herald (Reveille), by J. C. Bennett; and the Willful Falsehoods of J. J. Strang, Published in the First Number of Zion's Reveille – Reuben Miller (1847)

  99. Character!!! - Orson Spencer (1848)

  100. The Latter-Day Saints' Emigrants' Guide - William Clayton (1848)
    • Drawing on experience and earlier works, William Clayton authored a brief guide to help other Latter-day Saints get safely to the Utah Territory.

  101. Letters Exhibiting the Most Prominent Doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Orson Spencer (1848)

  102. The Diamond: Being the Law of Prophetic Succession, and a Defence of the Calling of James J. Strang as Successor to Joseph Smith – James J. Strang (1848)

  103. The Gospel Witness – Orson Spencer (1848)

  104. Constitution of the State of Deseret (1849)

  105. Absurdities of Immaterialism - Orson Pratt (1849)

  106. Friendly Warnings on the Subject of Mormonism - anonymous clergyman (1850)

  107. The Mormons – Thomas L. Kane (1850)

  108. Deseret Almanac, for the Year of Our Lord 1851 - William W. Phelps (1851)

  109. The Italian Mission - Lorenzo Snow (1851)

  110. Fruits of Mormonism - Nelson Slater (1851)

  111. One Year in Scandinavia - Erastus Snow (1851)

  112. An Address to the Sons and Daughters of Zion, Scattered Abroad, Through All the Earth – Francis Gladden Bishop (1851)

  113. Proclamation! to the People of the Coasts and Islands of the Pacific - Parley Pratt (1851)

  114. Deseret Almanac, for the Year of Our Lord 1852 - William W. Phelps (1852)

  115. The Mormons, or Latter-Day Saints, in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake - John W. Gunnison (1852)

  116. The Voice of Joseph - Lorenzo Snow (1852)

  117. Joseph Smith, the Great American Impostor - Thomas Tyson (1852)
    • Thomas Tyson, a Congregational minister, wrote this long tract (or short booklet) of five chapters against Joseph Smith and the teachings of the Latter Day Saints. The five sections here are "The Scheme of Revelation", "The Priesthood", "The Apostolate", "Baptism for Remission of Sins", and "History of Mormonism".

  118. History of the Persecutions!! Endured by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in America – C. W. Wandell (1852)

  119. The Government of God - John Taylor (1852)

  120. The Ensign. Light of Zion. Shepherd of Israel! and "Book of Remembrance" – Francis Gladden Bishop (1852)

  121. Deseret Almanac, for the Year of Our Lord 1853 - William W. Phelps (1853)

  122. Biographical Sketches of Joseph Smith, the Prophet - Lucy Mack Smith (1853)
  123. The Prussian Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – Orson Spencer (1853)

  124. Testimonies for the Truth: A Record of Manifestations of the Power of God, Miraculous and Providential, Witnessed in the Travels and Experience of Benjamin Brown, High Priest in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – Benjamin Brown (1853)

  125. The Doctrines and Practices of "the Mormons", and the Immoral Character of Their Prophet Joseph Smith - Edmund Clay (1853)

  126. Patriarchal Order, or Plurality of Wives - Orson Spencer (1853)

  127. The Harp of Zion: A Collection of Poems, &c. - John Lyon (1853 - poetry)

  128. The Seer (1853-1854 - periodical by Orson Pratt)
    • Orson Pratt was commissioned in September 1852 by Brigham Young to begin publication from Washington, D.C., of an apologetic-oriented periodical intended to actively defend the teachings of the Latter-day Saints - and who better to carry it out than a Pratt? The main reason for the need to publish this periodical was the public admission in September 1852 that the LDS Church was indeed practicing plural marriage, despite earlier public denials. Publication began monthly in January 1853, but after the August 1854 issue, Pratt couldn't afford to continue the project. In 1865, the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles voted to distance themselves fromits contents, stating that it contained "doctrines which we cannot sanction, and which we have felt impressed to disown".

  129. Deseret Almanac, for the Year of Our Lord 1854 - William W. Phelps (1854)

  130. Dialogue Between A and B on Polygamy – Richard Ballantyne (1854)

  131. A History of Illinois from Its Commencement as a State in 1818 to 1847 - Thomas Ford (1854)
    • Not only does this cover the Nauvoo period, but as the author was the Illinois governor at the time who failed to stop the lynching of Joseph Smith, this is sure to be an interesting and relevant work.

  132. Catechism for Children, Exhibiting the Prominent Doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - John Jaques (1854)
    • This is a fascinating book containing an LDS catechism meant for children at the time. John Jaques wrote this nine years after his baptism in England; two years later, he immigrated to the United States and went on to become Assistant Church Historian as well as the first librarian for the Genealogical Society of Utah.

  133. Ancient and Modern Michilimackinac – James J. Strang (1854)

  134. Utah and the Mormons: The History, Government, Doctrines, Customs, and Prospects of the Latter-Day Saints - Benjamin G. Ferris (1854)
    • Benjamin Ferris, who served as Secretary of the Utah Territory, wrote this book detailing the history of the Latter-day Saints as well as their teachings and other facets of LDS life in Utah.

  135. Comments on the Kingdom of God and the Gospel – Joel Shearer and William Swett (1854)

  136. A Reply to a Tract Written by the Rev. J. Richards, M.A., Giving a More Correct Answer to the Question "What is Mormonism?" – Purporting to Be Answered by Him – Richard Ballantyne (1854)

  137. A Reply to the Second Tract Written by the Rev. J. Richards, M.A., Giving a More Correct Answer to the Question "What is Mormonism?" – Purporting to Be Answered by Him – Richard Ballantyne (1854)

  138. Deseret Almanac, for the Year of Our Lord 1855 - William W. Phelps (1855)

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    • This is perhaps Parley Pratt's great masterpiece of theological work.

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    • Austin Ward was the nephew of Maria Ward, author of Female Life among the Mormons. After Austin also left the Church, he wrote this work, which his aunt edited.

  149. Autobiography of Peter Cartwright, the Backwoods Preacher - ed. W. P. Strickland (1857)
    • Peter Cartwright was a significant Methodist revivalist who baptized converts by the thousands; he attempted to run for a senate seat, but lost to Abraham Lincoln. His autobiography is relevant mainly because he devotes most of a chapter to his encounters with Latter-day Saints, including Joseph Smith.

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    • The above link is for the first volume; the second volume is also available.
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    • This math textbook by Orson Pratt is relevant solely by virtue of having been written by Orson Pratt...

  167. The Origin, Rise, and Progress of Mormonism - Pomeroy Tucker (1867)
    • This extremely influential 'anti-Mormon' book was so significant because Pomeroy Tucker was a native of Palmyra, NY, and in fact was the apprentice of E. B. Grandin and had a role in publishing the Book of Mormon. Tucker also served as a representative to the New York State Assembly.

  168. The Holy Scriptures, Translated and Corrected by the Spirit of Revelation – Joseph Smith (1867)

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    • This book isn't by a Latter-day Saint or specifically about the Church; rather, it's a survey of all the religious groups of the day and of historical note, including relatively minor ones. Even the group that founded my hometown is in here, which truly surprised me.

  170. The Rise, Progress and Travels of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – George A. Smith (1869)

  171. The Heart of the Continent -- Fitz Hugh Ludlow (1870) 

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    • This is a fairly short RLDS tract by one of Joseph Smith's sons, written several years before Alexander was ordained as an RLDS apostle. In it, Alexander attempts to argue that the mainstream church in the Nauvoo period did not practice plural marriage.

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    • William Adams "Wild Bill" Hickman was a bodyguard for Joseph Smith and Brigham Young as well as a member of the Danites. While Hickman was under arrest for murder, he wrote this confession in which he claimed that he had carried out a number of murders at the behest of LDS leaders such as Brigham Young.

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    • Elizabeth Wood Kane, the wife of Thomas Leiper Kane, a noteworthy non-LDS defender of the Latter Day Saints. Elizabeth presents a detailed narrative with a sympathetic outlook towards the Latter Day Saints.

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  184. Discussion Between Rev. John L. Shinn, of the Universalist Church, and Elder Mark H. Forscutt, of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Held at Rock Creek, Ills., August 10th-13th, 1875 – John L. Shinn and Mark H. Forscutt (1875)

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    • This was an extremely influential autobiographical anti-polygamy book written by one of the wives of Brigham Young.

  187. An Earnest Appeal for Justice – James Hutchins (1876)

  188. Mormonism Unveiled - John Doyle Lee (1877)

    • Written by John D. Lee, a prominent Latter-day Saint and adopted son of Brigham Young, this was John D. Lee's confession to his involvement in the infamous Mountain Meadows Massacre; he claimed that Brigham Young had directed him to do it.
  189. The Women of Mormondom - Edward Tullidge (1877)
    • In the wake of so many books about the plight of women in the LDS Church in Utah, Eliza R. Snow decided that something had to be done to counteract those works, so she worked together with Edward Tullidge to produce this book, which presents a more positive image of the lifestyles of LDS women. Two years later, Tullidge joined the RLDS.

  190. The Pearl of Great Price: Being a Choice Selection from the Revelations, Translations, and Narrations of Joseph Smith (1878)
    • Having been expanded from the original 1851 edition, this 1878 edition of the Pearl of Great Price is the one that was canonized two years later. The format is, in several respects, quite different from its modern form.

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    • This is one of Orson Pratt's scientific work, in which he discusses physics and cosmology.

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    • Charles Penrose was, at the time he wrote this work, the editor of the Deseret News; he later went on to become a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and eventually of the First Presidency. In this book, he rather simply offers his statement of what LDS doctrine is.

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    • This is a really beautiful epic poem telling the story of Joseph Smith and the LDS Church all the way up to their arrival in Utah.

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    • One of Solomon Spaulding's manuscripts that was finally rediscovered.

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    • If memory serves me correctly, Alfred Osmond was the great-uncle of Donny and Marie Osmond.

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    • Orson F. Whitney authored a truly massive four-volume history of Utah. The link above is for the first volume; the second, third, and fourth volumes are also available.

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    • I couldn't find an original edition of this work, but this first Sherlock Holmes novel featured Brigham Young and the Latter-day Saints as villainous characters.

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    • This is a response by RLDS Church Historian Heman Conoman Smith - a grandson, if I'm not mistaken, of Joseph - to Davis Bays's Doctrines and Dogmas of Mormonism Examined and Refuted.

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    • This work, written by Heman Conoman Smith (Joseph Smith's grandson and an RLDS leader), is a reply to B. H. Roberts' Succession in the Presidency of the Church.

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  391. Poems - Alvin Curtis Shaw (1913 – poetry)

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    • This is a reply by the RLDS Presiding Patriarch to parts of Bruce Kinney's Mormonism: The Islam of America.

  393. The Reign of Antichrist or the Great “Falling Away”: A Study in Ecclesiastical History – J. M. Sjödahl (1913)

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    • James Edward Homan, writing under the pen name 'Robert C. Webb', authored several works about the Latter-day Saints in the early twentieth century.

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    • The above link is for the first volume; the second volume is also available.

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  468. Essentials in Church History: A History from the Birth of Joseph Smith to the Present Time - Joseph Fielding Smith (1922)

In addition to these, there is also the long-running LDS periodical Millennial Star (1840-1970).