Friday, April 27, 2012

That "Manifesto"

The following brief blurb, also presented here as part of our 'Newspaper Wars Over the Manifesto' series, appeared originally as "That 'Manifesto'", Salt Lake Tribune 39/249 (27 September 1890): 5.
That "Manifesto"

Much Uncertainty About Whether or Not It Means a Change
Some citizens are disposed to think the Church is knuckling under and that the Saints will be ordered to give up polygamy at the next Conference.  Others say that manifesto is only a blind, a subterfuge to counteract the report of the Utah Commission, and that the bishops throughout the "kingdom" have instructions not to notice it.  The effect of the manifesto upon the cohabs when asked if they will obey the law will be looked forward to with interest.  The recent sermon of George Q. Cannon at St. George is held not to jibe at all with Woodruff's "advice."  George told as plainly as the English language can tell that the Lord blessed him when he took his second wife, while after his third marriage he prospered exceedingly.  George has now two wives in San Francisco soon to become mothers.  Does this look like giving up polygamy?

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