Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The "Secret of Mormon Proselyters": An 1891 Outsiders' View

The following comments about LDS missionary work are taken from the 12 December 1891 issue of the New Holland Clarion:
The secret of Mormon proselyters is not hard to understand. They go among the poorer classes in Europe and America, the people to whom plenty is only a far off dream. The many wived elders preach to hungry stomachs of a land of abundance, where want is unknown, and where even luxury may fall to the lot of the poor man. What wonder the ignorant flock in droves to the land of promise, where they find abundance at length, it is true, but an iron despotism that makes them work for it whether they will or not, and earn it before they get it. The Mormons are always prosperous wherever they are. This much is to be said in their favor. They will take the most unpromising soil and turn it into a garden by thrift, hard work and good management. Shrewdness and industry would accomplish the same results for the Mormon victims anywhere else if they had these qualities.

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