Monday, January 3, 2011

New Site Banner

If you're reading this on the site rather than by RSS feed or something like that, you might notice that this blog now has a banner instead of just some text at the top. It took a little while yesterday - especially because my computer is still being very, very uncooperative - but I finally finished it.

In the center is a picture from one of the manuscript revelation books of what is now the Doctrine and Covenants; the text is that from which this blog takes its title. To the far left is Del Parson's 'Jesus the Good Shepherd', representing an iconic motif dear to both Evangelicals and Latter-day Saints. Next to that is an image of Joseph Smith's First Vision, and next to that is an icon of the Holy Trinity, representing the Holy Spirit as a dove and the Father and the Son depicted as two men side-by-side, each of whom has a nimbus with Greek lettering signifying 'the Being', which is from how the Septuagint renders the 'I am who I am' of Exodus 3:14 as 'I am the Being'. To the right of that is another picture of Jesus that I found somewhere once and liked because of the cosmic background. At the other end is Del Parson's famed 'Christ in Red Robe', and to the left of that is an icon representing the First Council of Nicaea (with the heresiarch Arius appropriately bound at the feet of the bishops there). And then to the left of that, of course, is the beautiful Jesus statue in the visitors center at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. I chose the background for the text to match fairly well with the background of the blog itself.


  1. I was wondering what all the pictures were. The banner definitely give the blog a nice touch. Job well done, my friend. All your hard work has paid off.