Monday, January 3, 2011

Blog Highlights: Honest Jon Comics and Mormon Cartoonist

Today I'd like to feature a couple of LDS cartoonists. The first is Jon Clark, some of whose cartoons have appeared in The New Era and Sunstone, and who also has a children's book out. You can check out his work at his blog, Honest Jon Comics (formerly named 'POD-i-YUM'). Here are a few of my favorites of his:

Another LDS cartoonist who produces new work regularly is Arie Van De Graaff, who has been published in The New Era and also has several books of his cartoons out. You can check out his work at his blog, Mormon Cartoonist. Here are a few of my favorites of his thus far:

From looking through their work a bit so far, I'm really enjoying what I'm seeing. So, since I have pretty darn good taste, you should definitely check them out too! And for an added bonus, another LDS cartoonist, Kevin Beckstrom, has several blogs with his work. Beckstrom Buzz has some miscellaneous pieces, while Zarahemla Times is set in a Book of Mormon setting and Good Heavens is set in, well, heaven. I didn't read his material until after I originally made this post, but I thoroughly enjoyed his as well and recommend it highly.


  1. Hahahaha.....what's sad is that most of these are completely true. :)The testimony one has to be my favourite!!!

  2. These were great! My favorites were:
    Interview Schedule
    C.S. Lewis
    Managing The Press
    Terrifying Tracting
    The Plural Form of the Book of Mormon
    Which Church is This Exactly?
    Snow Angels
    Based on a True Story (the last one)

  3. Thanks for the comments on my cartoons! By the way, my blog has a new address:
    Thanks again!