Sunday, March 18, 2012

Observing Missionaries in 1901

The following brief notice appeared on the back page of the 15 June 1901 issue of the New Holland Clarion, a newspaper formerly published in my home county:
Two Mormon evangelists are making Marietta their headquarters. Each night they delivered lectures. Thus far their efforts have not been crowned with very abundant success.
And then the following notice appeared on the front page of the 12 October 1901 issue of the New Holland Clarion:
This week two Mormon missionaries from Utah appeared in our town and preached the doctrines and objects of the Latter Day Saints on the street in front of the Styer House, on Tuesday evening, and in front of Stauffer's drug store on Wednesday evening. They did not draw large audiences and Thursday morning they left for some other place. They have been at different places in this county during the past six weeks.

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