Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Generous Offer

This little anecdote, which I personally found amusing, is taken from the 30 July 1910 issue of the New Holland Clarion:
During the days when polygamy was the universal rule among the Mormons a woman doctor from one of the eastern states went into one of the Mormon communities to practice her profession. She was a pleasant lady as well as skillful, and her patients were very fond of her.

"How I wish," said one of them, "that I could convert you to our religion. If you would only marry my husband and come and live with us" -

The doctor fled in horror to another friend, to whom she told the story. Her self respect began to revive, and she felt comforted, seeing how the eyes of her listener blazed.

"I don't wonder you feel as you do," replied the friend indignantly. "The idea! Why, that Mr. ----- is perfectly horrid! What you want to do is marry my husband and come and live with us."
What sort of perception of plural marriage in Utah and the conflicting perceptions of Mormons and non-Mormons at the time does this sort of story reflect?

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