Thursday, July 14, 2011

LDS Missionary Attacked by Lions

I don't have much in the way of commentary on this recent news item, but an LDS missionary, Elder Paul Richard Oakey, got a smidgen too close to the lion cage at a zoo in Guatemala. As the story says: Paul stood with his back to the lions, one of them crept up and grabbed his right leg, pulling him against cage bars, where a second lion then grabbed and clawed at his arm. [Elder Oakey's stepfather Jonathan] Allen said Oakey's companion grabbed a pole and shoved it into the mouth of the lion that had a grip on his arm, while Oakey himself poked at the eyes of the lion attached to his leg. Allen said Oakey and his companion were finally able to free him from the lion's grasp a few minutes later.
Thankfully he's alive, and I pray he makes a full recovery - more surgeries are likely needed to repair his arm and leg. Note to self: never turn your back on lions in their immediate vicinity, even when you think they can't reach you.

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