Wednesday, May 18, 2011

William Phelps on Bible Astronomy

The following mini-article, "Bible Astronomy" (all bracketed references original), appears in William W. Phelps, Deseret Almanac, for the Year of Our Lord, 1852: Being Leap Year, and After the 6th of April, the 23rd Year of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; and the Second of the Last Half Century of This Dispensation (Great Salt Lake City, UT: Willard Richards), 5:
The nearest "fixed star" must be Mount Paran, mentioned by Habakkuk, the fruitful world of glory where the "Holy One" came from; or rather Kolob, where our Father in the Heavens resides in the midst of his glory and kingdoms.

The next nearest "fixed star," also mentioned by Habakkuk, must be Tamen, the world of perfection where God came from to do the works of his Father, spoken of by John the Revelator, [Rev. 1.6,] which Father of God, and grand father of Jesus Christ, must now be living in one of the eternity of eternities - which closes the Lord's prayer in the Greek version, and is mentioned by John, [Rev. 19-3&c.]

If, as Paul says, there are "Lords many, and Gods many," and each has the control of a renewed or resurrected world, which continually shines as a "fixed star;" Heaven must be a large blessed universe of intelligent worlds. What say the learned D.D's on this head? Paul ascended to the third Heaven, and heard things unlawful to utter then, - but all things are to be revealed in the last days. - Open the window of Heaven.

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