Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blessing for the Dead: Another Early LDS Poem

The following poem, titled "Blessing for the Dead", is taken from John Lyon, The Harp of Zion: A Collection of Poems, &c. (Liverpool, UK: S. W. Richards, 1853), 101:
How happy the Saints who are faithful and true,
Who have kept their first love, and on earth do renew
The cov'nants they've made in the regions above,
And still prove their faith by their labours of love.
They'll rejoice evermore in the Kingdom of God,
And have for reward, an eternal abode!

Rejoice all ye dead who the Truth have not heard;
In the spirit you'll learn all the power of His word,
And the vast prison-house shall be opened for you,
When you've paid the last mite for your sins justly due.
In the mansions of peace, for the righteous prepared,
You'll live in the joys of eternal reward!

Be vigilant then, all ye faithful, to earn
What the dead are so anxiously waiting to learn,
Your trials, and patience, and sufferings, and loss,
Shall be gain in the end, if you bear off the cross,
And those who are saved, shall extol God, the giver,
And shine like the stars, in His kingdom for ever.
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