Sunday, March 6, 2011

Methodists Share Sanctuary with LDS Ward in Need

I was intrigued to see this article ("Worship for all: LDS, Methodists share church building"), and the good will it expresses is quite refreshing. Essentially, some pipes burst in an LDS meetinghouse and flooded the place rather thoroughly, making it impossible to carry out any functions there and leaving the 200-member ward temporarily without a home. However, a United Methodist congregation extended them the hand of Christian love by allowing the Latter-day Saints to use their sanctuary for a while until repairs can be accomplished. (In return, the LDS ward is able to provide some groundskeeping services that the elderly Methodist congregants are less able to perform.) As the article says:

The estimate is that it will take two months to make the repairs. But a church up the road is lending a helping hand by offering a sanctuary on Sundays. Wesley United Methodist Church is sharing its church until the Mormons get repairs finished....

In order to accomodate both congregations, the Methodists are meeting Sunday mornings, and the Mormons are meeting Sunday afternoons at 1 p.m.

Interestingly, twenty-seven years earlier while the meetinghouse was first being constructed, this same United Methodist congregation allowed the LDS ward to hold meetings in their church then as well. And once again, I applaud their generous displays of good will.

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