Sunday, November 27, 2011

One Year

Earlier today, I was making some additions to my Welcome and Introduction post here at Study and Faith. And as I looked at the date it was posted and the date I marked as 'last edited', I had the stunning realization that today is the one-year anniversary of Study and Faith! I can hardly believe that it's been an entire year... In one sense it seems like merely a few weeks or months, but in another sense, I suppose it feels like an eternity. It boggles the mind to think that this blog has been a part of the most recent 4% or so of my life thus far. I think this blog has done and hopefully accomplished a lot in the past year - and may there be many more to come!

I considered doing a review of the contents of this year's-worth of posts, but I'll reserve that sort of thing for the end of the calendar year. Instead, I'd just like to thank everyone who's commented here in the past year, everyone who's ever helped to promote this blog or any of its posts, everyone who's ever linked to it, everyone who inspired some of the ideas that have made the last year possible. Through blogging and life, I've found wonderful relationships with friends of all sorts of backgrounds, whether LDS or Evangelical or Orthodox or non-theist, and I'm so grateful for it all. I suppose one could say I unknowingly celebrated the anniversary by attending an LDS sacrament meeting this morning for the first time since before I started Study and Faith. I'll hopefully have more posts derived from that in the weeks to come.

So thank you, everyone. (...And hopefully I'll be able to find time to reply to comments again soon!)


  1. yay for you!. :) Congrats on a job well done! Nice to see that you have actually gone to a LDS church especially if you are talking about it. I dislike it when I see people say stuff when they have never been to a LDS church before. So many myths and misconceptions arrive without actually stepping foot in a LDS church. :)

  2. Thanks, Kari! I agree, there's no excuse for remaining ignorant. Preferably, if one's going to talk in detail about another faith, it'd be wise to do both some solid reading (primary sources, historical studies, maybe a few influential books from within the movement) and try to visit a couple different places where members of that faith gather. So in my case, I try to do what reading I can, and I've also visited LDS communities in Greece (branch), Pennsylvania (ward), and Kentucky (ward + stake center). It's still not as deep as I'd like, but I think some of that'll have to wait until I can take a vacation out west.