Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mormonism is Truth: An 1850s LDS Poem

The following poem is by William W. Phelps and is from a series of pages in the 1853 issue of the Deseret Almanac:
There is a great and glorious plan,
The only one, forsooth,
By which to save degenerate man, -
That only plan is TRUTH.
For truth takes all in his embrace,
The living - dead - and works, and grace, -
Philosophy, and fruitful hives,
And politics, and ENDLESS LIVES.

Could TRUTH but have a perfect sway,
Throughout this world of pain,
How soon would come that blessed day,
When Peace shall fully reign?
Though Honesty is little known,
And out of date has almost grown, -
The Truth shall ev'ry nation hear;
The just rejoice - the wicked fear.

The spirits of the dead shall know,
That Truth to them is given;
Thus all around, above, below,
Through truth may gain a heaven.
Truth is a great and endless chain,
Which reaches Hades and back again;
Then rap ye spirits, rap and LIE -
Eternal Truth will never die.

Of piety the world is full -
Religious souls in every place;
But ah! good works are very dull, -
Rejoice ye sinners in free grace.
But he who wins, the Master saith,
Must show his works as well as faith.
O hypocrites! where will you be?
And when will you salvation see?

PHILOSOPHY shall raise its head,
When Truth dictates its laws;
And thus has it been truly said,
Effect must follow cause.
Philosophers may wisdom seek;
There is a glory for the meek: -
The WORLD expects that bliss to gain,
But scorn the door, and scale in vain.

And from Philosophy shall spring
The light which Science gives;
For truth with all its lustre bring,
Wherever spirit lives; -
The greatest science e'er unfurled,
Salvation shows to all the world;
The rules are plain, and firmly laid,
Though simple, they must be obeyed.

And Truth will gather all in one,
As bees collect from flowers;
With richest stores to draw upon,
In Zion's fragrant bowers.
There's room for all, the cells to fill
With industry, and art, and skill;
The swarms are still increasing yet -
The parent hive is DESERET.

Political confusion reigns,
And anarchy is rife;
The smartest rogue an office gains,
To stir the fire of strife; -
And parties clash, and split, and fight,
Like blind men groping for a light;
When Truth's broad banner is unfurled,
There's policy for all the world.

The government of Truth is pure,
Its laws are good and just;
Its subjects have their rights secured
With officers of trust.
THEOCRACY shall take the sway,
And politics shall sweep away; -
The Truth will take its grand career,
And swift it comes! 'tis here! 'TIS HERE!!

The universe throughout will gain
Release from every strife;
The earth shall soon be free from pain,
And taste eternal life.
Salvation unto all is free,
Unbounded as eternity -
But they who see eternal day,
Must surely take the narrow way.

The day of grace now shining bright,
Reveals the heavenly plan; -
How vast the love! how great the light,
Displayed to fallen men.
Those who unto its voice give ear,
Who unto every good adhere -
Embracing truth, renouncing sin,
The prize, eternal lives, will win.

Thus all our faith and works below,
To righteousness should tend;
Our lives should heavenly wisdom show,
Enduring to the end: -
Truth makes the path to glory plain,
And takes us back to bliss again;
It gives new life, exalts the soul -
And MORMONISM takes the whole.

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