Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some Plural Marriage Anecdotes

I found the following excerpt while glancing through the unfortunately anonymous 1881 book - billed only as being "by an apostle's wife" - The Mysteries of Mormonism: A Full Disclosure of Its Secret Practices and Hidden Crimes. A shame about the sensationalistic title, but I suppose that's par for the course. I think these stories are worth sharing, though; the following comes from page 56:
As the Mormons are a most prolific people, every divorced woman having two or three children by a different husband, and the husband having so many children by different wives, their relations sometimes get so mixed that no one could understand them. One man I was acquainted with married a divorced woman with three little girls, all under the age of seven. When the girls grew up he married all three, thus becoming the husband of four women, though he had but one mother-in-law, that mother-in-law being his own wife. But this is easy compared to some of their problems of relationship, which they almost go crazy themselves trying to work out. Here, for example: A man married a woman with a daughter nearly grown. When she reached womanhood, she was married to the father of her mother's husband, making him his step-daughter's step-son, and when a son was born to the father, the mother's husband became half brother to his own grandchild. The original pair also had a child - but this is getting so mixed, like everything else in Utah, that I leave it to wiser heads than mine to work out.

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